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3 April 1991
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I'm a girl who is 18 and likes making graphics and listening to music.
13 going on 30, 2, 3 and 4), 30 seconds to mars, a cinderella story, a fine frenzy, alesana, ana johnsson, and net..., anna karenina, apocalyptica..., ascarymovie(1and3), ashlee simpson, automatic loveletter, avril lavigne, baby's day out, bleak, boiling points, boys like girls, britney spears, bullet for my valentine, cold case, cribs, crossfade, cuore(heart)..., cuteiswhatweaimfor, das model(the model), deal or no deal..., demi lovato, die happy, evanescence, freaky friday, fuel, goo goo dolls, gothika, harry potter, harry potter(1, hilary duff, hoobastank, house of wax, i bet you will, ice age(all series), it'sokimwearingreallybigknickers!, jane eyre, just my luck...heroes, kelly clarkson, lelysdanslavallée(thelilyofthevalley), lieben verboten!, lindsay lohan, linkin park, listening to music, little women, lovewrecked, madame bovary, making graphics, making the video, maroon 5, mayday parade, mean girls, meg&dia, melissa, mr and mrs smith, new york minute, paramore, phantom planet, playing billiards and bowling, playing chess, portraits of little women, punk'd, raise your voice, reading books and magazines, red, rise against, secondhand serenade, seether, shrek(all series), simple plan, sophie, spiderman(1 and 2), story of the year, sum 41, taylor swift, the grudge, the hot chick, the kings of queens, the lizzie mcguire movie, the maine, the o.c., the perfect man, the red jumpsuit apparatus, the village, three days grace, trl, troy, white fang, without a trace, x-men(all series), yellowcard